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Praise for Borrowed From Your Children...

“Dennis Jaffe has consolidated hundreds of years of family lessons into one compendium that maps the journey that successful family enterprises follow. His insights on the critical stages of development will enrich every family enterprise and assist with whatever generational transitions are underway. Don’t miss the final chapter on the Economic and Social Future of Family Enterprises and their vital role as stabilizing forces in countries that are facing tremendous challenges in the next decade.”  

—Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange  

“With the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in American history underway, and a search for positive social impact rising among newer generations, Borrowed from Your Grandchildren is a timely research report and guide for family business assessment and planning, with values at the forefront. Dennis Jaffe counters myths and shows what really works to create long-term successful businesses that nurture families, unite successive generations, and leave a legacy.”  

—Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Arbuckle Professor, Harvard Business School; author of Think Outside the Building: How Advanced Leaders Can Change the World One Smart Innovation at a Time  

“This is an amazing read. So many of the processes and structures described reflect our own experience around family strategy and governance over the last 100 years. If we had only had this publication, many blind alleys would have been avoided! And there are some useful indicators to guide us as we move onto the next 100 years. A real tour de force.”  

—Andrew Wates OBE, Past chairman of the Wates Group and chairman of the FBNi Polaris Programme  

“Much has been written about what family business should do to avoid going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations, but little about what to do to continue to prosper beyond that. This book, based on research of what families that have passed that threshold have done, offers valuable insights to any business family interested in continuing to prosper and grow.”  

—Cristina, Bruno, and Manuel J. Carvajal, Members of the Carvajal Family Council, Colombia  

Releasing February 26, 2020

Borrowed from your Grandchildren is a fascinating look at how large, long-lasting business families succeed across generations. Dennis Jaffe's latest book is based on interviews with 100 large, global families who have passed their 3rd generation of business together.

Families who are successful in growing their wealth have been able to reinvent themselves and their business in the face of significant environmental transformations and internal differences cause by family dynamics.

This unique resource: 

  • Presents real-life stories of families sustaining wealth over generations 
  • Explores both the successes and failures of retaining family wealth 
  • Includes rare private insights from members of prominent wealthy families 
  • Examines the nature of global family enterprises and their evolution over generations 
  • Discusses the financial, human, and social dimensions of wealth 

Borrowed from your Grandchildren is an essential read for family members, non-family executives, family offices, estate planning lawyers, family business consultants, trust officers, philanthropic and foundation advisors, financial advisors, financial planners, CPAs, and other finance professionals.  

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